Tips For Having A Great Cruise And FAQs

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Q: Isn't it expensive to take a cruise? 

A: Actually, just the opposite is true. The per-day cost of a cruise often is dramatically lower than staying at even a modest quality hotel or resort, yet most ships provide a premium quality travel experience. And when you consider that the price of a cruise also includes premium quality entertainment, around-the-clock high quality meals and snacks, transportation, and much more, taking a cruise is the best bargain in the travel industry!

Q: I'm concerned that I might be sensitive to the motion of a ship, so what do you suggest?

A: For clients that have this concern, I place them in a cabin location that minimizes the ship's motion. Additionally, I can recommend itineraries that are known for their calm seas, though modern ships are well stabilized to minimize the ship's motion. Another option is to take a river cruise-these popular cruises are known for their calm rides, fine food, fun excursions, and beautiful scenery. 

Q: I have special dietary needs, so will I be able to eat the food that is served on the ship?

A: I have clients that are diabetic, are on gluten-free diets, are on low-sodium diets, are vegetarian, are kosher, and that have allergies, but this is not an issue because most cruise lines are happy to accommodate the special dietary needs of these clients. 

Q: How do I stay in touch with my family and business while on a cruise?

A: A growing number of ships provide cell phone communication for their passengers. Additionally, most ships include an Internet lounge that is equipped with computers. And ships usually provide WiFi access points (often, even in your stateroom) that will work with your laptop computer, iPad, and other wireless devices. Ships also can be accessed from shore via telephone, though this service usually is quite expensive.

Some Tips

• Cruises represent a great travel bargain, and large discounts often are available which can save you even more money, so be sure your travel agent does their homework for you.

• The details and style of a cruise can vary significantly between different cruise lines and even between different ships within the same cruise line, so be sure that your travel agent takes the time to optimize the choice of cruise line, ship, and itinerary to match your preferences.

• You can save money (often up to 50%) on the Spa services offered on most ships by booking time in the Spa for when the ship is in port.

• The shops on ships usually run their biggest sales on merchandise during the last couple of days of a cruise, so this a good time to make your purchases.

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