Hawaii Cruise/Travel Info And Photos

Hawaii is one of my favorite destinations, as it combines a great variety of activities and spectacular scenery with warm weather, warm water, friendly people, and great food. And getting to Hawaii is both easy and affordable.

Hawaii can be accessed from the mainland via cruise ship as well as by air, and promotional discounts on both means of transportation frequently are available. Additionally, if you choose to fly to Hawaii, several different inter-island cruises are available—everything from luxury cruises to active adventure cruises.

Land packages that include your air can provide a huge savings over booking each element of your trip individually. Additionally, rental cars often are included in these packages either for free or at a greatly reduced rate. You also have the option of picking a tour package that includes visits to more than one island. 

In other words, I can help you put together a vacation package that is customized to your specifications while also saving you a lot of money!

Here is a small sampling of the photos I've taken on different trips to Hawaii.

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