Alaska Cruise/Travel Info And Photos

People often ask me what my favorite cruise was—this is a difficult question to answer because I have had a great time on all of the cruises I have taken! However, I do find myself returning to Alaska more than any other cruise destination. 

The combination of a seemingly endless variety of spectacular scenery, abundant and varied wildlife, terrific fresh seafood, lovely cities, towns, and villages to visit, and a huge selection of wonderful shore excursions to choose from means that I  always have new and interesting things to see and do on each trip to Alaska.  

Additionally, the growing selection of small ship cruises to Alaska provide both a different perspective and an alternate way to view this magnificent region—very up close and personal. Small ships are able to bring you even closer to the glaciers and wildlife and they allow you to visit beautiful ports and places the large cruise ships can't go to. They often also provide gourmet local cuisine, experts on the local culture, wildlife, and environment, and options for active excursions such as hiking, kayaking, rafting, etc.

For people that have never cruised before or are concerned that they may be sensitive to the motion of a ship, Alaska is a great choice for a cruise—the Inside Passage is protected from the open seas and has very calm waters.

Here is a selection of some photos I've taken which give you an idea of why I find Alaska to be such a compelling destination! And combining a cruise to Alaska with a land tour of Alaska either before or after your cruise (a land tour without doing a cruise also is an option) is a great way to see even more of this magnificent part of our planet.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like any additional information about traveling to Alaska—I am happy to answer your questions (there's no obligation to book a trip).

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