Free Services That I Provide

There is a common misconception that booking through a travel agent costs more than booking directly with a travel companythis is not the case. Having your own travel agent is a terrific bargain:  you benefit from the agent's expertise and service, but the agent is paid by the vendor and not by the customer. In other words, you get the services which I provide for free!

These Free Services Include:

taking the time to learn your requirements and preferences

utilizing my years of experience to provide you with objective and professional advice 

researching the trip for you

• providing you with literature and other data to ensure you have the information you need

arranging the trip for you, including handling your reservations, deposits, etc.

 after you book your trip, on a daily basis, looking for any new promotions that will save you additional money

being your contact person—if there is any type of problem during your trip, I am available to assist you

being your advocate—if there is an issue with a cruise line, tour company, etc., I represent and am an advocate for your interests*

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